We did get some Northern Lights!

Faint light show overnight Wednesday, but most missed it

By Paul Gross - Meteorologist
Headline Goes Here Phil Kurimski

DETROIT - As things turned out, we did get some faint Northern Lights last night!

Most people missed it as it occurred when most people were sleeping, and it would have only been noticeable in very dark locations. Special thanks to my friend Phil Kurimski of our National Weather Service Office in White Lake for snapping this picture and sharing it with me!

The lights occur when charged particles from the sun accelerate toward Earth following massive solar eruptions, and interact with oxygen and nitrogen molecules in our atmosphere.

Unfortunately, while there's a chance for more Northern Lights tonight, cloudy skies will obscure the show.

Be sure to pass this photo along because it's not something we are able to see very often in southern Michigan.

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