Massive sea creature washes up on island, turns water red

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SERAM ISLAND, Indonesia - The rotting carcass of a large sea creature was found washed ashore on an island in Indonesia Tuesday night.

The creature, measuring nearly 50 feet in length, was initially thought to be a stranded boat.

A resident who witnessed the creature called it a giant squid, weighing 35 tons.

VICE says they ran it by the Zoological Society of London, and a project manager said it is "definitely the remains of a baleen whale."

The researcher pointed to the fact that the creature had a backbone, and squid do not have backbones.

“Giant squid discovered by Asrul Tuanakota on May 10, 2017, at 09:00 IEST. The Giant squid was stranded on the coast of Hulung Village, Iha Kec. Huamual Kab. Seram Bagian Barat, Maluku. This giant squid is 22 m long, 4 m wide and weighs about 35 tons. It is hoped that there will be research by a related institution or university on the cause of death of this giant creature.”

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