West Bloomfield police release 911 call from officer's deadly shooting

Officer Patrick O'Rourke killed Sept. 9 when responding to barricaded gunman at home

WEST BLOOMFIELD, Mich. - West Bloomfield police have released the 911 call from Officer Patrick O'Rourke's deadly shooting on Sept. 9.

O'Rourke was shot and killed that night by a gunman, Ricky Coley, who later took his own life after a day-long standoff at the house on Forest Edge Lane in West Bloomfield.

The calls reveal that officers were aware of the situation at Coley's house before they arrived. They tried to call him on his phone. The one 911 call from that night came from Coley's own family.

His brother told the 911 operator that he and their mother was in the house. They were trying to get Coley to come out of the house. They were trying to get him to come and live with them.

"My brother has barricaded himself in his room," Coley's brother told the 911 operator.

911: "And he has a gun?"

Caller: "Yes ma'am. He has several guns."

At the time of the call, Coley's brother had gotten his mother out of the home. They were outside waiting for police to arrive. Police did not enter the house immediately upon arriving.

Officers, in the statement released Monday, talk of how they carefully went into the home, announced themselves and told Coley they were there. Next, shots were fired.

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