Westside neighborhood gets illegal dumping

By Karen Drew - Reporter/Anchor

DETROIT - Levelle Martin has lived in a Westside Detroit neighborhood on Ridge and McNichols for 25 years. The community has a scenic view with trees and deer, but it also has a big eye sore.

Martin says over the past three years, the street has turned into an illegal dumping site, filling up with old TVs, truck tires, sofas and chairs.

Now, the mess has left the neighborhood frustrated, irritated and calling for help.

"It's getting totally out of control now," said Martin. "Trying to get the city back here."

"It's kind of rough sometimes," said neighbor Chad Guerra. "You can't even get through here."

The dump site is now overflowing into the street. Everyone who drives by wants something done, but nothing is getting done.

"What am I supposed to do, leave the neighborhood?" said another neighbor. "Maybe I should move to the neighborhoods where these people are at and start piling up trash."

Levelle said in the beginning, neighbors used to get together and clean up the mess, but they just can't keep up with the dumpers.

Local 2 contacted City Councilman James Tate about the dumping issue. He said there were no reports of the dumping made to his office, but he did contact the Detroit Public Works division about the problem.

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