Where's report on failed Wayne County jail?

Auditor general report on hold while Prosecutor Kym Worthy investigates

By Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

DETROIT - Local 4 was waiting to get a closer look into what put the Wayne County Jail project $100 million over budget.

Tuesday we learned that won't happen because Prosecutor Kym Worthy has stepped into the case.

A 150 page report was expected to come from the county's auditor general this week detailing any wrongdoing at the jail.

It was to also detail any possible criminal wrongdoing.

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That report is not forthcoming now that Worthy is doing her own investigation.

Worthy sent a letter to the Wayne County Auditor General Willie Mayo.

It read, "This letter will acknowledge receipt of certain information you have provided my office related to the Wayne County consolidated jail facility construction costs -auditor's report. As a result, I am directing my office to initiate a thorough and complete investigation of this matter."

Just like this rusting hulk of a failed jail project, Mayo's report about how this project failed will also stay under wraps for the foreseeable future.

Worthy's letter went on, advising mayo: "Under these and related provisions of the fraud investigation policy, as well as under statutory and ethical requirements for prosecutors, I am directing your office to not disclose into the public domain your completed Wayne County consolidated jail facility construction costs auditor's report. This prohibition specifically includes any documents, emails, work product, or "working papers," that your office utilized in drafting this report."

Worthy did give a window into what she sees in Mayo's audit, saying: "Fraud is often a difficult matter to detect, prove, and prosecute. Incriminating evidence may be hidden or destroyed before an investigation can be completed."

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Former Detroit FBI director and current Detroit Crime Commission CEO Andy Arena says Worthy's moves are the right ones here.

"Anybody who is going to be conducting an investigation you want the first crack at the evidence. You don't want the stuff going out to anyone else. You don't want to tip your hand," said Arena.

Neither the prosecutor's office nor the Wayne County Executive's Office is commenting on this letter or the fact the Wayne County fraud investigation unit is being called into this case.

It is known that the FBI has been investigating Wayne County, but whether they would want into this investigation is anyone's guess.

Arena says it is entirely possible that they might meet and compare notes to see if there is a reason for the feds to step in.

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