Will Gov. Rick Snyder, Mark Schauer have televised debate?

Polls show race for governor is currently anybody's to win

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

DETROIT - In a race where the polls are becoming ever closer, there is still not one single debate scheduled between Gov. Rick Snyder and Mark Schauer, and by the time Election Day hits, there may not be one.

With the polls showing the race for governor is at this point anybody's to win, can either Snyder or Schauer have the luxury of saying no to a televised debate?

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If the comments on Local 4's Facebook page are any indication, the answer is no. We are a month and half away from Election Day and nothing has been agreed to.

Who is to blame for that depends on who you ask. The Democrats have been chomping at the bit to debate.

"This governor is ducking televised debates," said Democratic nominee Mark Schauer. "We have agreed to four TV debates: One in Grand Rapids, two in Detroit and one statewide, and this governor seems to be the one unwilling to stand up and defend his record."

Snyder told Local 4 that's just not true.

"I accepted the Economic Club offer at the beginning," Snyder said. "They said it didn't work for them. I came back with another option so I'm still waiting for them to take us up on that. That's a good starting point. In the meantime I announced a bunch of town halls. He's welcome to come."

Could we actually make it to Election Day without a debate? Insiders in both parties tell me they believe there will be one and only one televised debate.

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