Woman accuses ghost of stealing resume

Admitting she's 'not good at math,' woman values resume at $5K

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A woman in Georgia blamed a supernatural culprit for the theft of her pricey resume.

Debbie Michelle Zamacona, 40, told police a ghost stole her curriculum vitae, which she valued at an eyebrow-raising $5,000.

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A paper documenting her criminal history and a black and blue blouse were also missing, according to the police report filed by the Barrow County Sheriff's Department.

When asked if she knew who the suspect might be, Zamacona said it was one of two apparitions, the Augusta Chronicle reported.

She had a bit more trouble figuring out the value of the items taken, telling police she "wasn't good at math" when she rattled off the $5,000 estimated value of her resume.

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Officers did note there was no obvious point of entry.

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