Woman finds 12-foot gator on front porch

South Carolina woman quickly goes from 'startled' to 'terrified'

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A South Carolina woman opened the front door to find a 12-foot alligator on her porch.

Hilton Head resident Diana Andrews told Savannah, Ga., TV station WSAV she quickly went from "startled" to "terrified."

"I was screaming and shaking, at the same time trying to find the phone to call security, because I figured they would just come and take it away," she said.

But no. Security officials told her the 1,000-pound gator was too big and that Andrews would need to call professionals.

Crews struggled, but finally got the alligator under control in her front yard, according to WSAV.

Andrews told the TV station there are gators in the lagoon behind her home, but they had never come that close to her house before.