Woman finds feather in Chicken McNugget

McDonald's manager says restaurant chain is investigating

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An Indiana woman is looking for answers after finding a feather in her McDonald's Chicken McNugget.

Raquel House said she noticed something was wrong when she felt a strange object in her mouth as she chewed last week.

"I started to feel like there was hair in my mouth and that's when I saw there was white hair on my tongue; and I looked at my food and there was feathers coming off the nugget," House told South Bend TV station WBND.

The owner of a local chicken farm told WBND she believes the small object was a pin-feather.

"It looks like a small pin-feather, from a broiler-type chicken that would be used for meat in just about any kind of processed chicken product," Charlotte Wolfe said.

Harry Smith, the owner of the McDonald's where the nugget was purchased, said the restaurant chain was investigating the matter.

"We take matters regarding food safety and quality very seriously and caution anyone from jumping to conclusions," he said in a statement.

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