Woman finds pill mixed with candies from machine at Lakeside Mall

Sterling Heights police investigate after mysterious pill is found mixed with Skittles

By Mara MacDonald - Reporter

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. - The candy machines at Lakeside Mall are off limits after a pill was found intermixed with some other candy.

Sterling Heights police have asked the mall to cordon off the machines until they can get to the bottom of this. Two sisters were looking to get some Skittles from the machine when they found the pill.

The sisters snapped a photo of the pill that came out with the rest of the Skittles.

The machines are inside the mall in a bank. They are similar to gumball machines. You put your money in and individual candies come out, not packages.

"I opened up the tin, the little door on the machine, scooped them out and I went to just pop them in my mouth and I noticed a weird little brown pill," said Ann Mugless, who found the pill in the candy.

Mugless noticed the weird looking "Skittle" in her handful of the candy before she put it in her mouth. She showed her sister.

"It was literally like a needle in a haystack. It was so odd and strange. Of anything that could come out with the candy, it's a pill," said Mugless.

They alerted mall security and took the pill to the Sterling Heights Police Department. Police are taking this very seriously. The mall was told to take the machines offline until police can get a better look at what may or may not be inside.

"I have a 3-year-old son. They don't know what they're picking up, they don't know what they're eating, they'll eat anything. To think that you get home and it might be too late, God forbid, after they have already ingested something that serious. It's very scary. You can't even take you children to the mall without getting candy and a pill popping up," said Caitlin Zombo, Mugless' sister.

Police are in the process of contacting the vendor.

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