Woman found dead on Detroit's west side

Detroit Police Chief: woman found dead not connected to other recent cases

DETROIT - Detroit police are investigating after a woman's body was discovered on Detroit's west side Saturday morning.

This is the third time in about a week where a woman was beaten, set on fire and left for dead, but this is the first death.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig says, despite similarities, this case is not connected to the two other recent cases on the city's west side.

The woman's body was discovered inside the Mildred Smith Manor II apartments on the 1300-block of Forest. 

The killer attacked the victim before setting her apartment on fire. Firefighters responded at 4:30 a.m. and quickly put the small fire out then left the scene.

"I have never heard of this," said Craig in response to questions on how firefighters missed the body. "How you miss a deceased in a location. I don't have that answer."

A maintenance man later found the young mother's body in a hallway near a bedroom in the apartment and called police.

"I know fire officials are very concerned about that. They will be conducting their own independent investigation," Craig said.

Two other women were attacked recently and set on fire on the west side.

The chief says the two other cases had a different MO and methodology as it relates to the suspect.

Still, those who live in this area are afraid after a 37-year-old woman was found unclothed about 5:50 a.m. on July 26 in a field in the area of Elmira and Iris.

She had been physically assaulted and set on fire.

The following day another woman was found beaten, burned and left for dead near a burning van just a mile away on Eaton Street.

She had been physically assaulted and possibly sexually assaulted. Both of those victims survived the attacks.

In all three attacks the suspects remain at large.

If you have any information, call police immediately.

Recent cases:

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