Woman shows up uninvited to daughter's wedding in Wyandotte, gets arrested

Mother of bride slams cars in parking lot after crashing wedding

WYANDOTTE, Mich. - A 54-year-old Trenton Woman was arrested after crashing her own daughter's wedding reception.

"The bride's maids told me to leave my daughter's wedding. They were screaming and yelling at me," said Debra Becker.

Becker says all she wanted to do was attend the wedding. Police were called to the Silver Shores banquet center in Wyandotte on Friday after Becker showed up at the wedding uninvited.

Police say Becker got angry when the bride's maids asked her to leave and slammed into the back of the bride's car and another SUV in the parking lot before eventually taking off in her maroon Oldsmobile.

"I got called by one of my staff, 'You better come outside,' so I come outside and there is that car that's been hit a little bit and after asking what's going on, mom was upset and she had to leave, she walked out," said Ziad Nakad, of the banquet center.

When Wyandotte police caught up with Becker she refused to take a sobriety test. He blood later was drawn at a hospital. Police say they found an open bottle of liquor along with papaya juice in her car.

"I was hurt so very bad. My daughter broke my heart," Becker said.

No charges have been filed. Police are waiting for the blood test results.

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