Woman sues Dearborn police for HIV discrimination

Woman says Dearborn police officer discriminated her during 2012 traffic stop

By Roger Weber - Reporter

DEARBORN, Mich. - Shalandra Jones has been HIV positive for 12 years and now she's suing the Dearborn police for a traffic stop made in 2012.

"I felt humiliated," she said.

Jones was a passenger. Her fiancée was the driver. After the officer smelled marijuana the driver was ordered out of the car, then jones.

"I did that, but in doing that I left my purse in the car," she said.

Jones says the officer wanted to know what medicine was in the purse. She said it was for her HIV.

"And he said I just pissed him off and I asked him why. He said, 'You're supposed to tell me that,'" she said.

According to the lawsuit, the officer had more to say about HIV.

"Then he says, 'We usually deal with these type of people on the other side of Dearborn,'" said Jones.
Jones said the officer wrote several tickets and told her more.

"'I don't want to take anything home to my kids. I have a wife and children and I don't want to take anything home to them ... meaning the HIV," said Jones.

The officer has been disciplined but is still on the job. Citing the lawsuit, Dearborn police are not commenting about the incident.

"It's hurtful. It was unbelievable," Jones said.

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