Woman unknowingly picks up Detroit stabbing, shooting suspect along I-275 in Monroe County

Stabbing, shooting suspect hitches ride from woman on I-275 after victim escapes with car at Monroe County gas station

By Roger Weber - Reporter

MONROE, Mich. - Bonnie Fitzgerald had no clue that the man in her car had just tried to kill two people.

She gave him a ride after seeing him walking on Interstate 275 in Monroe County.

"I was just trying to be a good person and help somebody," she said.

Before we get to the moment when Bonnie's car was surrounded by police, let's backtrack.

On Monday morning, a wounded woman arrived at a gas station and Burger King asking for help. A man had stabbed her in Detroit, shot her son and forced her to drive to Monroe County.

"Took her to use the bathroom after that, you know, to clean some blood off because she was holding her hand over here (her neck) with a towel," said Ahmad Banani, who helped her at the restaurant.

The woman had escaped minutes earlier at another gas station a mile away. She told her abductor she needed to use a portable restroom. As he checked it out she locked the car doors and took the wheel.

"As she went to go speed away he grabbed onto the back door and was trying to hold on but he fell off," said William Menard, who works at the Burger King.

The woman is believed to be the girlfriend of her attacker. Restaurant workers helped her until the paramedics arrived.

A truck driver who is a regular customer at the Burger King saw the EMS truck at the restaurant and learned there had been a stabbing. He realized that a man he had just seen walking on Newport Road might have been involved. He called 911, went looking for the man and saw him walking on I-275. He drove after him and spotted him getting into Fitzgerald's car.

"I thought maybe he ran out of gas," said Fitzgerald.

The truck driver called in a description of her car. Fitzgerald had only gone a couple of miles before police stopped her on Telegraph Road.

"I told the young man, 'I don't know what I did. I wasn't speeding,' and he looked down and he goes, 'Maybe my seatbelt,'" she said.

They ordered her out with her hands up.

"The next thing I know they got the dogs, they had the guns raised," she said.

Then her passenger emerged and was placed under arrest. The woman he stabbed is recovering but the condition of the man he shot is unknown.

Fitzgerald says she has learned a lesson.

"I will never pick up another person."

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