Woman's body found at Pontiac home may have been there for years

Neighbors on Savanna Drive say they had not seen woman in years, thought she moved

By Dave Bartkowiak Jr. , Rod Meloni - Reporter, CFP ®

PONTIAC, Mich. -

A woman's body has been found in the back seat of a car parked in the garage of a home on Savanna Drive in Pontiac, and investigators believe she has been there for a while.

The Oakland County sheriff's office says an employee of a property management company stumbled upon the body in the rear seat of a vehicle while doing a walk-through Wednesday at the house.

An autopsy was performed Thursday and found no trauma to the body. A cause of death has yet to be determined. The body is believed to be that of a 49-year-old woman whose last known address was at the home, which is foreclosed.

Neighbors say they have not seen the woman in years. They thought she had moved a while ago.

Firefighters enter home in hazmat gear

On Thursday, firefighters went inside the house wearing hazmat suits because mold lines the neglected walls. The gas is turned off so it's cold inside. A hole in the roof attracted raccoons. That's what brought the property management company out.

"That's terrible, just awful," said Lorraine Morgan, who lives in the neighborhood. "For somebody not to even notice that this is going on over here."

Morgan lives just a block over with a direct line of site to the home's back deck.

"Well yeah, it did seem kind of odd because I've never seen anybody move around in there," she said.

Woman's bills were getting paid after her death

Strangely enough, the unidentified deceased woman had money and used modern technology, which is how Undersheriff Mike McCabe believes her disappearance went unnoticed for so long.

"All of her bills were paid by electronic automatic deduction from a local bank," said McCabe. "So, her electricity was being paid, her gas was being paid, her cable TV was being paid, her house payment was being paid. At one point in time she had $54,000 in the account."

The Undersheriff believes she was self-employed and had family out east who no one has been able to contact.

Savanna Drive is just north of West Walton Boulevard and west of North Telegraph Drive.

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