Woman's money ripped out of her hand at Detroit gas station

52-year-old woman wants money back after crook takes money from her

By Priya Mann - Reporter

DETROIT - Surveillance video captured a petty crook stealing a woman's hard-earned cash. While the woman stood in line at a gas station on Detroit's west side, another woman approached and grabbed the cash right out of her hand.

Victoria Thomas, 52, said she's mad, wants her money and wants the person who stole it caught.

She admits she was caught off guard by a woman standing near her and that she never really got a good look at the woman before being robbed.
But surveillance video did.

Thomas wouldn't give up that easy and ran after the woman who jumped into a cab. She said the cab took off too fast to get the plate or cab number.

Thomas said she won't make the same mistake again. Next time she's getting ready to cash in or buy lottery tickets, she will wait until right before she pays to take her money out.

The suspect has not been caught.

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