Woodhaven police: ex-boyfriend goes on rampage

Police: Keith Forth tries to run over girlfriend, hits somebody else, leads police on chase

By Roger Weber - Reporter

WAYNE COUNTY, Mich. - It started with a dispute between a boyfriend and a girlfriend, but that quickly became a footnote.

Woodhaven Police say that after Keith Forth went on a rampage attacking his former girlfriend, hitting another woman with his car and then carjacking a third woman.

Several witnesses saw it.

"It was so intense, it was so scary I can't believe it happened," said witness Jomana Houssari.

The ex-girlfriend says they broke up eight months ago.

"I've been telling him to leave me alone. I changed my number. Obviously he stalked me until he found me alone," she said.

The woman was driving a Jeep when Forth confronted her outside a party store on Vanborn.

The victim says he chased her for about a mile and cut her off in the parking lot at West Road and Allen.

"He hopped in my car, tried to kill me, choking me and threatening me. He drug me out," said the victim.

Forth allegedly forced the woman into his car, but she escaped.

Police believe he was trying to run his ex-girlfriend over when his car hit a bystander who was calling 911.

"I hear a loud boom; I see a Focus jump the median. As I see that, the lady is rolling on top of the car and hits the ground," said one witness.

The victim was still running for her life.

"I kept running, I ran into the Pizza Hut screaming for help and locked the door," said the victim.

Police say the woman who tried to help is hospitalized with multiple fractures to her legs and pelvis.

"I just want to say to that woman he hurt, 'I thank you. I'm sorry it happened to you. You were just trying to help me,'" said the victim.

Police say after hitting the innocent bystander, Forth carjacked another. She wasn't hurt.

Forth eluded police for 20 minutes before rolling the stolen Ford Escape.

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