Workers at Spectrum Child, Family Services mourn death of 33-year-old coworker killed in Pontiac home

Tanisha Silas McDanial, 33, was foster care worker for 6 years

PONTIAC, Mich. -

A family and community are mourning the death of a 33-year-old Pontiac woman.

Tanisha Silas McDanial was shot and left for dead inside her home on Tucker Street. Police found her Tuesday evening in the home.

The newlywed died in the hospital the following day.

"I don't apologize for the tears. It's only because it shows how much I loved her," said Shirley Edwards, executive director of Spectrum Child and Family Services.

McDanial worked with Spectrum as a foster care specialist for the past six years.

It was tough for Edwards to speak about her now-absent coworker and tears flowed as she spoke of McDanial's dedication to their work.

"She wasn't a 100percent worker. She was a 500 percent worker. Often days working until 9 at night just to make sure everything was perfect," Edwards said.

Coworkers of McDanial described her work as more than just a job to her. Helping children was her life.

"Chauncy, the kids she served are hurting. They looked up to her. They cared so much about her," Edwards said in an interview with Local 4's Chauncy Glover.

Police think McDanial interrupted a robbery when she came home from work.

She was brutally beaten and shot several times.

Coworkers are left wondering why such a loving person died in such a violent way.

"There is no rhyme or reason why God almighty does the things he does. It's certainly not a reflection of the life she lived," Edwards said.

Today, things aren't the same at Spectrum.

Workers spent most of the day in grief counseling.

They shared fond memories with one another, like celebrating McDanial's wedding day with her only a few months ago.

"People here are trying to remember that time with her. She was so happy and at the height of her joy when she married the love of her life," Edwards said.

Family members are making funeral arrangements for McDanial.

Meanwhile, police are still investigating this case and searching for suspects.

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