Worker's attack caught on tape at St. Clair Shores store

Employee at Cultivation Station on Mack Avenue beaten with crowbar during attempted robbery

By Hank Winchester - Reporter


Surveillance video captured the violent attack of a store clerk during an attempted robbery in St. Clair Shores.

Surveillance video: Crowbar attack on store employee

The video shows the suspect as he is about to make his move. After covering his face the man enters the back door of Cultivation Station on Mack Avenue.

The man can be seen checking things out as he creeps inside likely looking for the cash register. Then an employee starts walking towards the back and the crook, armed with a crowbar, goes on the attack.

The suspect repeatedly strikes the worker who is just there doing his job. Co-workers were stunned to hear what happened.

"Phone rang and he got up, walked and turned the radio down. He got up and started walking back that way and you know, talking on the phone five minutes before close and as soon as he got past the office the guy came rushing up and hit him with a crowbar and started swinging at him," said Steve Kobylski from the Cultivation Station.

The employee wasn't seriously hurt and the suspect was scared off before he even got a hold of any money.

Police were surprised by the violent nature of the attack.

"Not only is he punching the employee multiple times in the head he then produces the crowbar out of, and I believe it was his right sleeve, as the attack continues that suspect is absolutely trying to grab onto this employee," says Detective Margaret Eidt.

Police say they believe the suspect is between 25-30-years-old and about 6-foot-1 with a sleeve style tattoo around his neck. He was also wearing a military style jacket.

Police and employees want this guy caught.

If you have any information about the assault and attempted robbery please call St. Clair Shores police.

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