Would you pay for a 'quiet zone' on an airplane?

53% say they would

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DETROIT - As you probably heard, the Federal Communications Commission is collecting comments about ending a ban on in-flight cell phone use. The idea has sparked a lot of debate.

Would you like to chat with your best friend during that flight to Miami? Would you like to hear the person in the next seat talking to his wife during that trip to London? It might get a big annoying.

Now, a new survey shows many frequent fliers would be willing to pay to be seated in a "Quiet Zone" to avoid hearing extra chatter. AirfareWatchDog.com found 53% of those polled said they'd be willing to pay a fee for some peace and quiet. The rest said they would just grin and bear it. 

It's probably not a good idea to let the airlines know you'd be willing to pay for peace and quiet, as they're already charging fees for everything from extra seat room to carryon luggage.  

What do you think of paying for peace and quiet?

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