Wyandotte police: Downriver man found crawling around storm drains

Police siren (Generic photo)

The Wyandotte Police Department shared a story on Friday of a recent arrest that will have you wondering: why?

"A Trenton man was arrested for disorderly conduct after we found him crawling around in storm drains. We were called regarding someone tampering with the manhole lids. An officer arrived and found a manhole lid left half open.

The officer looked into the storm drain and saw the man who happened to be dressed in a neon green hoodie. When the officer ordered the man to come out he “froze up” as if he couldn’t be seen if he didn’t move.

After a short while the man climbed out and continued his antics by refusing to tell us his purpose for being in the storm drains or any of his information.

Officer’s smelled booze on the man and observed several beer cans around the manhole lid. SMH"

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