Yahoo CEO on 'Fortune' cover sans baby bump

Marissa Mayer takes reins of Fortune 500 company while pregnant

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Everyone seems to have an opinion on working mothers. And most applauded Yahoo for hiring their CEO Marissa Mayer while she was pregnant. But a recent photo of the new chief is stirring up debate –- not about how it was taken, but when.

Mayer, 37, is on the cover of Fortune Magazine's October edition. But unlike some famous stars, she chose not to pose while pregnant. Fortune said they had wanted to take the cover photo while she was carrying her son, but she declined and a photo that was a year old was used.

She gave birth Sept. 30.

Mayer said that news of her pregnancy -- something almost unprecedented among the ranks of Fortune 500 company leaders -- didn't faze Yahoo's board when they were considering her for the job.

"They showed their evolved thinking," Mayer told Fortune.

Mayer also told the magazine in July that she planned to go back to work quickly after giving birth.

"I like to stay in the rhythm of things," she said. "My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I'll work throughout it."

Her comments set off a lengthy debate about how corporate family leave policies make it hard to juggle a successful career and family.

Mayer was one of the original employees at Google and worked there for 14 years before becoming CEO of online search portal and news site Yahoo in July. Her husband is a lawyer who recently launched Data Collective, an investment fund focused on "big data" startups.

What do you think of her decision? Do you support her or do you think she should have shown the baby bump?

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