Young sisters badly hurt in Lenawee County house fire

Dad, 14-year-old brother rush to rescue young girls from burning home

By Roger Weber - Reporter

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Chad Redman is recovering from burns and smoke inhalation after rescuing his daughters from their burning home.

"When you come into that situation, there's no, no thought. You just do it," he said.

Callie, 11, and 8-year-old Chloe were upstairs when the fire started in their Lenawee County home. It was 12:30 a.m. Their 14-year-old brother Christian was in his room when he heard the smoke alarm.

"So I opened the door and all I had seen was like flame and just heat hit me. So I started yelling," said Christian.

Chad ran up from the lower level and realized Chloe was trapped in the bathroom.

"All four sides of the walls, all the way across the ceiling, I mean, it was just like you were in a ball of fire," said Chad.

He ran through the flames and carried her to safety. She immediately got up and started running.

"So I followed her downstairs and she had like flames, literally like flames on her head still," said Christian.

Chloe's mom poured water on her. Callie was unconscious in her smoke-filled room.

"It was completely black. You couldn't see the hand in front of your face," said Chad.

He carried her halfway down the stairs and collapsed. Christian brought her out then returned to rescue his dad. Dressed only in his underwear, the teen ran to a neighbor's house.

"I started screaming and yelling and banging on the door. I think I almost broke the glass," said the teen.

The family huddled in a van until help arrived. The ambulance -- in white-out conditions -- needed nearly 2 hours to reach the hospital.

Chloe is in critical condition.

"She's burnt, I wanna say 40 or 50 percent of her body burnt real bad," said Chad.

Callie is improving.

"U of M's been wonderful. The staff here is amazing," said Chad.

Though the Redmans have insurance, they worry about medical expenses and living arrangements. They're getting a lot of support but could use more.

"I can't believe our community. We have donations from people I haven't even ever met," said Christian.

And the Redmans are thankful for each other.

"I mean, I knew how much I loved my family but this kind of takes it to another level," said Chad.

The cause of this fire still isn't known.

To help the Redman family with donations, go here.

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