🍽️ Jason Carr ate what for dinner?

Recently my daughter, who's a few months away from turning 9, decided on a whim that she was going to make me dinner via our toaster oven. Being that the toaster oven is more toaster than oven and, even more important, within her reach, this kind of made sense from a kid's logical perspective. Plus, it marked a milestone in that having made her hundreds of meals since toddlerhood, I was now the one being waited on, which sounded pretty great.
So that night she made me a pastrami and provolone melt. And it was tasty! But, it's what she made the next night for an encore that inspired this blog post: waffles topped with mini-pancakes and fresh fruit with a dollop of jam (see photo).
Breakfast for dinner is something I am totally okay with. Waffles with fried chicken, steak and eggs, a sausage McMuffin with egg from McDonald's? Sign me up. Bowl of Bacon? Even better.
In fact, almost 25 years ago I used to go to Big Boy and get the Big Boy Favorite Breakfast for $3.99. Two eggs, choice of potato, choice of bacon, sausage or Brawny Lad hamburger patty, and a side of toast. I would order the toast plain, unsliced, with a side of Big Boy sauce and the Brawny Lad patty and my choice of potato was French fries.
When the meal arrived at my booth I would assemble the toast, patty and sauce into a makeshift Big Boy to be enjoyed with two eggs, over easy, and the fries. This would be my dinner after anchoring the 6pm news, and it made for a satisfying gut bomb to get me through the late newscast (and a thrifty value, too).
Now all I have to do is teach my daughter how to work the griddle, and a frying pan, and it's on!
- Jason

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