🎄 Too soon?


The chill has set in, a few snowflakes have already started to fall and all I can think about is the holidays. More specifically, CHRISTMAS!!!

Even though I've tried with all my might not to, I'm already organizing my decorations, looking for new ones, and I've been thinking about my next Christmas tree. Decisions, decisions…  Should I finally break down and get an artificial tree? Would I miss the fresh, fragrant smell of a balsam fir letting me know that Christmas is right around the corner? But, then again, an artificial tree would be so easy, no mess to clean up after. For context, my family has always had real trees so departing from this ritual feels like a renegade move on my part. It's not an easy decision, so it's smart that I'm thinking about this now – right?

Or am I jumping the gun? Shouldn't I be waiting for Thanksgiving to come and go first? To quell my giddiness, I've rationalized that I should just put a wreath on my front door to get the season started. Simple solution! This way I'm not actually rushing through Thanksgiving, but still getting in the holiday spirit.

The fact is that once the turkey is gobbled up, and the cranberry sauce cans are empty, Christmas is only a few weeks away! How can this possibly be enough time to relish in the holiday when people are shopping for friends and family, planning trips and getting the decorations together????

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. For many people, like me, it's the only time of year they prepare a very extravagant dinner to enjoy with loved ones, and genuinely focus on all there is to be thankful for. How could I overlook all of my wonderful Thanksgivings? My fondest memories of the holiday are of my family gathering to eat way too much food, be silly, maybe catch a movie and, of course, drive each other crazy. What's better than that? Nothing.

So, in honor of Thanksgiving, I'm going to start focusing on being grateful for the frenzy and busyness of trying to get it "all together" for the holidays. I'm going to slow down to take it all in, buy some extra canned cranberry sauce, and get my appetite ready for turkey day… right after I hang up my wreath!

- XOXO Tati

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