🤔 Jason Carr's in a pickle


On this National Pickle Day a few thoughts…

What are pickles exactly? I mean, I know they're pickled cucumbers. But are they a topping? A side? A condiment? I'd argue they are a topping AND a side, but only a condiment if reduced to relish. Even then, it's close on the condiment vs. topping front lines.

Oh, and they're a garnish on a Bloody Mary. So there's that.

Incidentally butter chips are an abomination. Never butter chips or sweet gherkins! Pickles must be polish dills or kosher dills, spicy, vinegary and/or garlicky. Sweet pickles are quite possibly the work of an evil shadow cabal working against what is just and right. Forget they exist.

Pickles figure into my favorite configuration of a cheeseburger: medium rare, cheddar, yellow mustard and dill pickle chips. In the case of Duffy's Den of Redford, the Vlasic-like pickles are standard issue slices you'd find in many a burger bar. They accentuate my favorite burger rather than contradict it.  However, over at another of my favorite haunts—Atomic Dawg in Berkley—the McClure's spicy pickle chips more boldly battle the chargrilled patty to a perfect draw.

At home when I make my signature cheeseburgers on my griddle or the grill, the pickles arrive on my plate as a definite side. In this case, it's Bessinger baby dills bottled and distributed out of Au Gres, Michigan. These pickles are too small to slice so it's advised that you simply snap off a bite between chomps of burger. Remember this when you come to Casa de Carr.

Finally, being part Polish, it should come as no surprise that I'm a huge fan of dill pickle soup. Polish Village Café in Hamtramck has a mouth-watering version. Also, go see Roberta at Classic Family Grill in Fraser—her recipe is top-notch!

- Jason

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