Man on mission to help others after decades of opioid addiction

Tim Ryan's son died from overdose

By Karen Drew - Reporter/Anchor, Amber Ainsworth

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Mich. - A man who says he lost everything because of his drug addiction is on a mission to help others avoid going down the same path.

"I wouldn't wish heroin addiction on my worst nightmare. That stuff robbed my soul," Tim Ryan said.

Ryan's opioid addiction landed him in prison. His wife divorced him, he lost their home and his son died from an overdose.

"I helped kill my own son because my son followed in my footsteps. I'm responsible for that, and I have to own that," Ryan said. "That's how my son and I bonded, getting high every day together."

Ryan was addicted to alcohol, cocaine and heroin for 38 years. He's been sober for six years.

Ryan is now known as the Hope Dealer. He helps people with addictions get into recovery.

He was in Michigan recently to share his story with people in the Livingston County Jail.

Hear more about Ryan's mission in the video above.

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