See the biggest float ever at America's Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit.

This will be the largest float to participate in the parade.


When you're watching the parade this year, keep an eye out for a record breaker. It won't be too hard to spot, because the record it's breaking is "largest ever float in America's Thanksgiving Parade". Fittingly, this float by Art Van is a tribute to dinosaurs.

Not everything is strictly Mesozoic- the massive float includes saber-tooth tigers and wooly mammoths along with brachiosaurus and of course the T-rex- but it's all about fun with this float. The baby wooly mammoth is playing on a swing hanging from his momma's tusk, the volcano vents smoke, and the big dinos move in ways designed to please crowds. Quite a payoff for the labor that went in.

It took over 1000 hours of labor between nearly 40 workers and a hundred volunteers to make the float happen. The dinos are built with welded steel skeletons,their outsides meticulously crafted foam. When fully assembled, it becomes the largest float to ever appear at America's Thanksgiving Parade.