Parade preview floats revealed at 'Hob Nobble Gobble'


The Hob Nobble Gobble had rides, contests, and a celebrity appearance by Jesse McCartney. All of this was thrilling, but the biggest stars of the event are always the floats.

Here's a recap:


Lear - "Focus On The Drive"
A timely warning against distracted driving. Bonus fact: if the ice cream cone featured on the float was real it could feed over 500 people!

Children's Hospital of Michigan - "All Kids Deserve The Best"
Showcasing their PANDA One service (pediatric and neo natal dedicated ambulance) this float also features "Jake and Ellie," the long time mascots of Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Wayne State - "Warrior Strong"
Celebrating 150 years of Wayne State, this float features super heroes as well as characters representative of the university's largest programs.

Delta Dental - "Smile Safari"
Get ready to see animals with some of the most prominent smiles in the world! Beavers, hippos, and a new creation called the "molar bear". It's 25 feet tall!

Henry Ford Health System - "Path To Wellness"
Characters doing a myriad of healthy activities are featured here, from joggers to yoga practitioners. A replica of the Henry Ford Hospital building is also featured, surrounded by many of the advancements that have helped the hospital excel, such as 3D printers and a doctor using video chat with a patient.

Let us know which float was your favorite in the comments!