'Hope' the pit bull puppy evades euthanization

Worldwide petition drive saves Saginaw puppy

Courtesy: The Saginaw News
Courtesy: The Saginaw News

DETROIT – Her name is "Hope" and now their is hope for this pit bull puppy.

She was found as a stray last week and was taken to the Saginaw County Animal Care Center shelter.

Saginaw has a ban on pit bull adoptions, so this 8 to 10 week old puppy was headed for euthanization.

But after the puppy's picture ran in The Saginaw News Sunday and on MLive.com Friday there was an outpouring of support to save the sweet little stray.

"Hope" is now going to the West Michigan Humane Society in Grand Rapids where she will hopefully find a family who will love her and take her home.