Dogs await rescue on roof of abandoned Detroit home

2 underweight dogs spotted on roof of home near Somerset


DETROIT – Two dogs stood watch on the roof of an abandoned home on Detroit's east side awaiting the return of owners who apparently were never coming back for them.

The underweight dogs were spotted on top of a home near Somerset. The Michigan Humane Society was called to the home to rescue the stranded dogs.

The two dogs could frequently be seen poking their heads in and out of the home through a hole in the roof.

The terrier mixes wear homemade collars and ribs are visible on one of them. The pair carefully walked the peak of the roof, after emerging from the hole in the shingles. 

Neighbors report squatters lived in the house and left the dogs behind when they moved on.

They squatters occupied the house until a week ago and they briefly returned yesterday.

A large puppy is also trapped inside the home.

Humane Society investigators say the dogs may be underweight but appear to be in good condition.  They say they cannot legally enter the house to rescue the dogs.

"Because the house is secure and we're not able to break in and take the dogs we have to post a notice. We'll come back tomorrow and get the dogs out as soon as we can," said MHS investigator Mark Ramos.

The notice on the front door advised the owners to contact the Humane Society because the dogs had been abandoned. Late Friday afternoon, someone believed to have been living earlier at the house removed the notice and left.

The Michigan Humane Society says they receive reports of dogs on rooftops two or three times a month. "When people move they either abandon the dogs or leave them there temporarily," said Ramos.

For now the dogs will have to keep waiting.