'Victory' for rescued dog, Dearborn Animal Shelter

Donations help pay for pup's orthopedic equipment


Help has poured in for a pup who is in need of special orthopedic equipment because of her malformed front legs - and paid off.

"Victory" arrived at the Dearborn Animal Shelter earlier this year she was clearly a special girl.  Having a congenital birth defect which left her with short, stub-like front legs, she bore a slight resemblance to a miniature kangaroo according to some observers.  She quickly became known in the media as the "kangaroo dog" and landed local celebrity status.

Shelter staff decided that she deserved a noble name that was as optimistic as her daily attitude, so she was called Victory.  Elaine Greene, Executive Director, Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter said. "We initially needed to observe how she managed with her current limitations, then determine if she had any other health conditions that could impact how we proceeded.  Those results proved to be favorable".   Given an otherwise clean bill of health, Victory would need to be outfitted with costly prosthetics to gain more mobility like a normal dog. 

OrthoPets, located in Denver, Colorado, heard about Victory because of her media attention and generously offered to custom build and donate the prosthetics.  They have guided her through the initial two stages.  The first was a sled-like apparatus to slowly acclimate her to accurate body position and movement of the device.  The second is a 4 wheel cart she is currently using.  Once Victory is proficient with her wheels, the plan is to reduce the number of wheels anywhere from 3 to 1 to afford her added mobility. 


Greene, who is also Victory's adoptive "mom" continued, "She is pretty fearless and took quickly to the wheels.  She sometimes needs a leash to slow her down when we take her outside".   Dr. Joyce Belnave of Water Gait Veterinary Rehabilitation oversees Victory's progress adapting to the new devices and she encourages Greene to let Victory explore with her wheeled technology.  Adhering to doctor's orders, this little Chihuahua mix has made several trips to a nearby senior living community where she has become a favorite visitor of the residents, especially those that have mobility issues of their own.

Learn more about adoption, events, volunteering or donating online. The Dearborn Animal Shelter is located at 2661 Greenfield Road, Dearborn, and is operated by the Friends For the Dearborn Animal Shelter, a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Main phone (313) 943-2697 and on the web www.DearbornAnimals.org, you can follow the Shelter on Facebook or Twitter.