Kitten unable to walk after found freezing, injured outside

Rescue organization needs help with 11-month-old cat's mounting veterinary bills


An 11-month-old orange tabby kitten was found Dec. 23 freezing and motionless outside.

A volunteer at Tigerlily Cat Rescue says the kitten, given the name Noel, was suffering from hypothermia and appeared to have a traumatic injury with puncture wounds on his neck. He was not able to stand or hold himself up.

The person who found Noel on Dec. 23 took him to a Troy pet store. The store director contacted Tigerlily Cat Rescue. A volunteer with the rescue organization immediately took Noel to Wilson Veterinary Hospital where he was treated for hypothermia and shock.

According to Tigerlily, the hospital stabilized the kitten and on Dec. 24 he was referred to the Animal Neurology, Rehab and ER Center in Commerce Township. He stayed there for 5 days, taking many tests, blood work, extended x-rays and a CT scan, MRI and spinal tap fluid to get the diagnosis and the best treatment plan.

It was determined that he had instability between bones of the neck vertebrae, inflammation and bacterial infection of the brain/spinal cord mostly due to bites in the neck area. His prognosis is guarded long term. He was better at discharge and showed walking movements when assisted.

On Dec.29, Noel went to a volunteer's home on antibiotics and steroids. There he was getting feeding, nursing and physical therapy at home every 4 hours.

On Jan. 10, he kitten saw the neurologist again. The doctor felt there was an improvement neurologically. The kitten gained weight and remains very alert.

According to Tigerlily volunteers, in another month Noel will see the neurologist again. The organization will then have a consult with the vet that specialized in neuro-rehab to see if there might be more they can do to help him walk again.

Noel's veterinary bills for a group like Tigerlily Cat Rescue have reached $5,000.

For more information on Noel and how to help Tigerliliy, go to the organization's website at TigerlilyRescue.com.

You can contact Tigerlily Cat Rescue at 586-431-5353.

Photos of Noel are all courtesy of Tigerlily.

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