Tips on how to prevent dog bites


DETROIT – There are millions of people bitten by dogs each year.

Last year, there were 42 deadly dog attacks -- the highest on record.

Mail carriers know first-hand the dangers of dog bites while delivering mail. William Beeler has been on the job in Detroit for 22 years and, yes, he has been bitten by a dog on his route.

"It's a lot of dogs out there, a lot of loose dogs so you kind of have to be on your Ps and Qs all the time because we have problems with a lot of pits bulls out there," he said.

Hector Hernandez is an expert dog trainer. He trained some postal workers Thursday morning on how to stay safe.

"Some of these dogs are dangerous. You don't even want to gamble with them," he said.

His advice can be used for more than mail carriers. Lonnie Redmond lives on Detroit's east side.

"It's a big concern with the kids walking to school," said Redmond.

So what should you do if you are confronted with a dog?

Hernandez says the most important thing is not to run. Instead, walk backward and always look at the dog. Yell at the dog with instructions.

But what if that doesn't work and the dog goes in for the bite? Then what?

"Of course I never want to hit a dog. But if this dog is biting you, he didn't care. You got to get him off you and the best places are behind the neck, in the spine, upper cut in the throat, kick him," he said.

Hernandez says parents need to keep a close eye on their children to protect them from viscous dogs.

"If you have the impact weapon, in the back or grab the dog by the back legs and pull him off your child. Very, very important. If you grab the neck a lot of the times they bite down harder," he said.

Important information just in case man's best friend is the enemy.