Macomb Township couple: Puppy stolen during violent home invasion


MACOMB TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The bruises and staples are still fresh for Gary Adams after, he says, two men robbed him and beat him in the head with a gun.

It happened Monday in his home off Hall Road in Macomb Township.

"I was watching TV. My puppy Zoe was crying to go outside. I went and picked her up and as soon as I opened the door it was a guy at the door," said Adams.

He said the man hit him in the head with a gun, demanded money and told him to get into the dog's kennel.

"The next thing I know he told me to get in the cage," he said. "They put a sock in my mouth, a pillow case on my head. Then they pushed me in the cage."

After about 10 minutes, Adams thought the men left. So he got out of the cage. However, they returned and stole his puppy -- a little pit bull. Adams says the dog is his wife's therapy dog. They desperately want Zoe back.

"She helps calm me down," said Adams' wife, Ashlynn Bethel.

The couple wants anyone with information on their dog's whereabouts to contact police.

"Please, if you guys see Zoe please tell the news. We just really want her home. We don't want the money, the TV. We just want baby Zoe back," said Adams.

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