8 reasons to adopt a dog

Michigan Humane Society has three adoption centers

DETROIT – It's National Dog Day, and with some help from our friends at the Michigan Humane Society, here are eight reasons to adopt a dog at MHS.


1) They have a dog for everyone!

MHS houses hundreds of animals between our three adoption centers and six off-site adoption locations. We have puppies, big dogs, small dogs, fluffy dog, short coated dogs, active dogs, couch potatoes… you’re sure to find the right match for you.


2) It makes economical sense.

At MHS, our adoption fees cover a significant amount of veterinary care that you would have to pay for otherwise. Besides the cost of buying a dog from a breeder (which is generally higher than an adoption fee), you have to pay to get your new dog spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for heartworm, dewormed and be examined by a medical professional. This can cost hundreds of dollars, but at MHS – it’s included with the adoption fee. You also get a discount on our veterinary services, behavior support from our behavior helpline and a 60-day guarantee.


3) You’re giving a dog a second chance.

Most of the animals in our care come to us through no fault of their own. Often their owners have to give them up because of divorce, financial hardship, illness or death of a primary care giver, or for reasons that could have been easily prevented or corrected through appropriate training. These animals are awesome and just looking for a second chance to be an awesome pet.


4) You’ll get matched up with the right dog.

Our staff knows our animals in and out and they have an idea of what the perfect family would be for each dog. On the flip side of that – when you walk in and tell them what you’re looking for, they will know which of our animals would work best for your situation! You can even take our Right Dog quiz to get matched with a color code to help find an appropriate match.


5) You’ll get health support. 

All of the animals coming through MHS go through a thorough medical exam and if there are any medical concerns we will tell you up front what to expect. We also have three veterinary centers where we offer a 10% discount on services for the first year after adoption as well as a 10-day limited health care plan where we will cover up to $250 of vet services in the first 10 days after adoption.


6) You’re supporting homeless and neglected animals – not just the one you adopted.

MHS cares for tens of thousands of animals a year. By adopting from MHS, not only do you open up resources to care for another homeless animal but you support all the animals in our care. MHS has a cruelty and rescue department, offers a free food program to low-income families, offers spay/neuter and vaccination assistance, treats neglected, abused or injured animals and more… all of these programs and services are able to exist because of donors, volunteers and yes…adopters.


7) You’re helping to reduce pet overpopulation.

By adopting a dog instead of buying from a breeder or pet store, you are reducing the homeless animal population instead of supporting bringing more animals into the world. Millions of animals find themselves homeless each year – by taking in one that is already homeless you are doing your part to help the problem.


8) You’ll find your new best friend!

We’re sure your perfect dog is waiting for you at MHS! You have a lifetime of happiness and love ahead of you when you adopt.


Adopt a pet on this National Dog Day by visiting our “Make Your Dog a Hero” adoption event at Shinola Detroit and the Midtown Dog Park, today from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. See more information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/921716471221214/


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