PetSmart Charities to donate food for every bag of dog, cat food purchased

Food to be donated to pets in need

(PHOTO / Joseph Reicherts)
(PHOTO / Joseph Reicherts)

A meal will be donated to a pet in need for every bag of dog or cat food purchased from PetSmart stores from now until the end of the year.

The "Buy a Bag, Give a Meal" program launched in March in celebration of PetSmart’s 30th anniversary.

The program, a partnership between PetSmart Charities, GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program and Feeding America, will donate a meal for every bag of dry dog or cat food purchased in its stores or online from its U.S. and Canadian websites.

Rescue Bank will give the food to animal welfare organizations and Feeding America will distribute food to food banks. The program is nationwide, and pets in Canada will receive food as well.

PetSmart estimates more than 60 million meals will be donated to pets through the program.

“As more families struggle with difficult choices like paying the rent or buying food, some have to choose between keeping their pet and putting food on the table,” said Bill Thomas, chief supply chain officer of product development at Feeding America. “We know that pets provide comfort to families and individuals, and those who are struggling financially more than likely will also need food for their pets.”

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