Amazing Pets: Kibbles offers comfort, eases loneliness


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Deborah Pasha, of Detroit, shares  the story of Kibbles, a rescue dog that befriended her mom and has brough great joy to the entire family. Here's the story: 

Several years after my Dad passed away I told my Mom that she needed a dog. She insisted that she didn't. I badgered her for months to no avail. So finally in November I told my Mom I would stop pestering her. A few days later I was watching Local 4 News at Noon and the most adorable puppy was up for adoption from the Michigan Humane Society. Her name was Kibbles. I knew she was special.

When I picked my Mom up from work I told her about the puppy and convinced her to stop at the MHS to take a look. My Mom was smitten until she found out that she was part Pitt Bull. But she was so cute that my mom agreed to give her a chance. That was almost six years ago.

Kibbles has been a source of comfort and healing for my Mom. She has eased her loneliness and given my Mom and our entire family great joy. I will never forget that cold rainy day, Tuesday 11/22/11 a special day indeed.


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