Vote 4 the Best: 4 Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy This Summer

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Here are 4 grooming tips to make sure you have a clean and happy pet this summer:

  • Bathing - You should bathe your dog at least once every three months - or sooner if it gets into something messy. According to ASPCA, too many baths can strip a dog's natural oils and dry out its fur.
  • Haircut - Pets have a built-in temperature regulator by nature. Their coat is designed to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter and shaving can interfere with that. But some longer haired breeds can use a little help cooling off during the summer heat.  So if you do shave your pet, don't cut its fur too short because dogs can suffer from sunburn just like us. (source: Pet Web MD)
  • Brushing - It's good to brush your dog every few days no matter the length of its coat, according to the Animal Humane Society, especially during the summer. Brushing is essential to removing dead skin from your pet’s body and an important part to making sure your pet’s mane stays tamed.
  • Nail Trimming - Trim your dog's nails (or have them trimmed) when they hit the ground when your pet is standing. But be careful of the quick. If you accidently cut it, apply pressure to the tip of the nail to stop the bleeding or dip the nail in cornstarch. (sources: Petfinder/Preventive Vet)