Family lives the dream with over 20 huskies as pets

Photo/@xleahprescottx on Twitter
Photo/@xleahprescottx on Twitter

A family with over 20 huskies as pets have gone viral on Twitter after a relative shared a photo of a large group of the dogs trying to fit on one human-sized bed.

UK-based Twitter user Leah Prescott shared the image on August 15, writing, “My aunt and uncle have 20 + husky dogs and have this problem every single night.” She followed up the image with more, showing that the huskies had their own personal dog-friendly playground with slides.

She informed those writing on the thread that the dogs, for the most part, were very well-behaved (apart from occasionally chewing a sofa or two), and they attended obedience competitions.

The tweet had 58,925 retweets and 148,151 likes at the time of writing.