All 4 Pets: Charities for the holiday season

How you can help animals in need


If you're an animal lover looking to make some furry friends happy this year, we've got some charities you might like to know about.

Tail Waggers is one of them. They help pet owners who want to spay, neuter or vaccinate their pet but can't afford it. 

Every year accidental pregnancies, abandonment and neglect of many puppies and kittens leads to unnecessary euthanasia because they are part of unwanted litters and over-capacitated shelters.

This is where Tail Waggers needs your help! As a non-profit organization, they operate as lean and efficient as possible, utilizing volunteers wherever possible.  In order to keep up with the growing number of unvaccinated animals coming through the doors, and as the demand for affordable services increases, so does the need for more resources. Vaccines and supplies are essential to performing their day to day operations of the organization.  


The goal is to raise $20,000 so that they can continue to provide these wellness and spay/neuter services at an affordable rate. Here’s how your donation can help:


  • $10: Will supply a bag of pet food for their Pantry 4 Paws Pet Food Assistance Program
  • $37: Will vaccinate a cat with a Feline Indoor Package
  • $55: Will vaccinate a dog with a Canine Core Package or 3 individual vaccinations
  • $100: Will spay and/or neuter, and microchip a dog or cat or provide financial/assistance for owners with multiple pets.

If you are interested in donating, financial contributions can be made by mail to: 28422 Five Mile Rd., Livonia, MI  48154, or online at http://www.tailwaggers1990.org/donate.html, or by phone at (734) 855-4077.


Here's a list of other metro Detroit animal charities:

  • DDR: Detroit Dog Rescue
  • DPC: Detroit Pet Crew
  • MACS: Michigan Anti-Cruelty Society
  • NBAR: New Beginnings Animal Rescue
  • All About Animals Rescue
  • Paws For Life Rescue
  • WAG Animal Rescue
  • MCGR: Motor City Greyhound Rescue
  • MHS: Michigan Humane Society
  • Last Day Dog Rescue

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