How You Can Travel Safely With Your Pet

With the Auto Show underway at Cobo Center, there a lot of people thinking about perhaps getting that new car, and things to think about include comfort.

If you have pets that will be traveling in your vehicle with you, there's a lot to consider. More and more pet owners take their pets along for the ride in the car and our friend Mike Palmer, owner of Premiere Pet Supply, and Jeff Nuhgaruh, from the location in Rochester Hills, came in studio to show great ways to make everybody comfortable and safe. 

Travel and car safety is really important with your pets, a loose dog is in the car is not only dangerous for the dog, but dangerous for the passengers. Palmer shows us a few great ways to keep your dog safe. 

  • 2 in 1 Harness - You can use it to buckle your dog in the car and use it for dog walks
  • Booster Seat - Allows you to keep the dog next to you in the passenger seat and keep the dog a little higher so that the dog can look out the window
  • Seat Cover - To keep dog fur off the interior of your car
  • Travel Bowl - This bowl collapses for storage and can be opened for food or water at stops
  • Wander Ramp - To help get your dog in and out of the car 
  • There are four Premier Pet Supply locations in Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi, and Livonia. To find the location nearest you, learn more about what they offer, and to see their specials this month, visit their website www.premierpetsupply.com.