How to comfort your pets during fireworks

Items you need to keep your pets calm during the holiday

Fireworks are lighting up the night skies, and while they are beautiful and exciting displays, they can create anxiety in our pets. But there are ways you can comfort your furry loved ones. Our friends at Premier Pet Supply joined us in the studio, Mike Palmer and from the Livonia store, Steve Shamou to tell us how to comfort our pets during the holiday. 

Shamou says that there are a lot of great natural options that they offer, like calming hemp oil, and they also have a calming treat called Heavenly Hound that includes passion flower and valerian root. They even have wearable items like a calming collar, and a Thundershirt, which is a compression fit vest meant to calm the animal, is another option. Despite your instinct to comfort them, Palmer recommends you don't because it only encourages the frightened behavior; try one of these other remedies instead. 

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations: Beverly Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi and Livonia. 

To find the location nearest you, learn more about what they offer and see their specials this month, visit their website http://Premierpetsupply.com