Farmington Fido Festival is designed for dogs

Starting tomorrow you can have fun with your pups in Farmington


Local 4 will be at the Farmington Fido Fest with our all 4 Pets team! We'll be there Friday 2pm-8pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm, and Sunday 12pm-5pm. Come say 'Hi!' and grab some free giveaways!

The Farmington Fido Fest, a unique festival designed for dogs, is located in the park at the corner of Shiawassee street and Power road. The festival features activities designed to be stimulating to both dogs and humans. There are races, smell-based activities, and of course plenty of vendors serving both human and dog designed food. 

Some of the dog designed activities include a place for dogs to test their skills with the Lucky Dog Lure Coursing, the Disc Dogs of Michigan frisbee competition, or they can use their sense of smell in the Barn Hunt game. There will also be a vendor village showcasing dog wearables, homemade dog treats, unique dog toys, dishes, and samples of dog food and treats.

For more information, FOLLOW THIS LINK or go to foundersfestival.com/farmington-fido-festival