New phone app allows pets to have social media account, owners to interact with animal lovers

An interesting new app for pets and pet owners


Have you been looking for a social media alternative that involves pet and only pets? Look no further, because a new app is here to help you out.

Pet-Smooch is a new app where you can create a profile for your pet and share stories and photos about them. You can even include their hobbies, beliefs, interests and backgrounds. 

“We like to say that Pet-Smooch is all the fun of your favorite social media networks, but totally animal centric,” said Kris Rotonda, one of the co-founders and co-CEOs of Pet-Smooch. 

Users will also be able to network with other animal lovers, breeders and animal shelters to create connections and friendships. The app even has an area where you can donate to pet-related initiatives.

The best part? The app is completely free. 

Go to www.pet-smooch.com for more information.