The stray python in Ferndale finds a home

You might remember hearing about the python discovered slithering around the doors of a car dealership recently. Many people wonder what happens to exotic animals like the python after they have been found. That python ended up with the Michigan Humane Society. On Tuesday's show we were joined in studio by Shaun Bailey and Anna Chrisman from the Michigan Humane Society. 

Bailey brought that very python with him live in studio. After not hearing from the snake's owner for a sufficient period of time, the Python did get adopted by a viewer who is a snake enthusiast. The nontraditional pet will join a family of other snakes Tuesday. 

Chrisman brought in a 2-year-old rabbit named November. The American-crossbreed rabbit is a tame and and social pet, who is trained to use a litter box trained.  She is looking for a loving home. 

If you encounter a snake or another exotic, nontraditional pet it is important to first reach out to your local animal control agency. If your city does not have an animal control agency, call your local police department or the Michigan Humane Society. If they cannot assist you, they will direct you to the appropriate team of people that can make sure the animal is safe. 

You might remember Roscoe, the cute dog featured last week on our show. He was quickly adopted to a forever loving home.  

If you adopt this week's Pet of the Week, you will receive a $75 gift card to Hagopian Cleaning Services. To find out more about the adoptable pet, check out the Michigan Humane Society website at or call (866) MHUMANE.