All 4 Pets 'Put Your Pet in a Promo' contest

Your pet could be the next spokespet for Local 4!


Your pet could be Local 4's next spokespet! Do you think your animal friend could join the likes of Rango or Tiki and Kona? If so, you have until October 3rd to enter our "Put your pet in a promo" contest below.

It doesn't matter what kind of pet you have, as long as they're marvelous. Previous winners included dogs, cats, bearded dragons, and toucans. The only through line, from fowl to feline, has been that they are charming animals. 

To enter, we need a photo of your pet, their name, your city, and why they're so special. The winning pet will star in an All 4 Pets promo on Local 4. We love getting all of these submissions, so submit soon!