Support dog for woman with dementia and Parkinson's disease missing

The tiny dog,Teddy, wears a collar and tag

TAYLOR, Mich. – Owners of a missing dog have not lost hope of finding the pet that went missing months ago.

The dog, Teddy, is a support dog and vital companion to a very special woman living with dementia and Parkinson’s disease. 

Beth Dubay and Marisa Lee have worked non-stop since March trying to track down the little dog that has such a big meaning to Dubay's mom, and they truly believe little Teddy is alive and well.

“He’s my mother’s comforter and companion, and she and we all desperately want him back,” Dubay said.

Teddy stayed inside most of the time and would only go out for a quick lawn break.

He wears a collar and tag and went missing after the rear gate at Dubay's Taylor home was left cracked opened.

 A rabid raccoon was nearby, Teddy got spooked and the little six pounder got through the crack in the gate left open. 

If you are on social media, chances are you have come across the Facebook page Bring Teddy Home.

There have been credible sightings of Teddy, but what keeps Dubay and Lee going are the warm people from now, all over the Midwest sharing his posts and continuing to keep an eye out for the pup.

So many others are going through the same thing, looking for a lost pet. One concern is that he’s been picked up by someone who has not seen the hundreds of flyers, Facebook posts or search teams who have worked for months trying to bring Teddy home.

We spoke with Dubay and Lee for a few minutes today. They can share more about why Teddy is so important to them and to their mother and more about a reward, plus information on what to do if you ever spot little Teddy.

If you have any information that will help locate Teddy call 313-516-5091. 

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