US House passes bill prohibiting people from eating dogs and cats

Bill subjects violator to a fine


WASHINGTON – The House passed a bill on Wednesday outlawing the consumption of cats and dogs in the United States.

The dog and cat meat trade prohibition act prohibits people from knowingly killing a dog or cat for human consumption.

The Humane Society celebrated the passing of the bill, and said, "The House has passed the Dog & Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act (H.R. 6720) to keep this brutal industry from taking hold in the U.S. & strengthen our hand to press other countries to ban it."

The bill also prohibits people from knowingly transporting, owning, buying, selling or donating a dog or cat to be killed for human consumption.

Violators of the bill would face a fine.

The bill does include an exception for Indian tribes if they're performing a religious ceremony.

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