Celebrate Adopt A Senior Pet month at the Michigan Humane Society

November is Adopt a Senior Pet month and there are plenty who need homes

Everyone always wants to adopt a puppy or kitten, but there are a lot of older animals who are also looking for their forever homes. November is "Adopt a Senior Pet" month and Michigan Humane Society is celebrating by kicking off a special offer to help senior animals get adopted.

Shaun Bailey from the Michigan Humane Society spoke to Jason Carr about how people can adopt a senior animal without paying an adoption fee. Cats and dogs ages seven years old and older have no adoption fee for the entire month, made possible by a grant from ASPCA and Subaru. 

Bailey also brought in our new pet of the week, Mr. Bubba, a 10-years-old Shih Tzu mix who has only one eye. The Michigan Humane Society had to surgically remove it because it was damaged. Mr. Bubba is a sweet, happy dog looking for a loving home.

Last week's pet of the week, Nila, an orange and black kitten, was quickly adopted within two hours of appearing on Live In The D!  Nila's new family and whoever adopts Mr. Bubba will receive a $75 gift certificate from our partners at Hagopian Cleaning Services to help with the transition to a new home. For more information and for other adoptable pets, visit the Michigan Humane Society website, www.michiganhumane.org